Perform at the Kids Expo & Fair

Can my child perform at the show? 

There are several stages and areas for children to perform at the

San Diego Kids Expo & Fair. Each area is designed for different

formats. The businesses and non-profits that host booths at the Kids

Expo are given first choice of times and locations. Once the music

schools, dance schools, etc are scheduled, we typically have open

times on the stages for kids to perform. Please review the

information below for each stage before submitting your request

to perform.


                                      Rock & Roll San Diego Stage is for full

                                                bands on the outdoor stage. The stage is

                                                24’ wide by 20’ deep with a trussed shade

cover. This stage has a managed PA and complete backline. Typical

backline included is: Drums, bass amp, guitar amps, keyboard, mics

and stands. You must provide your own instruments. You usually can

use your own gear if you let us know in advance. There is a full

sound engineer.


                                      Taylor Guitars Acoustic Stage is for

                                                acoustic instruments like guitars, pianos

                                                and soloist and groups that use tracks. The

                                                stage is 30’ wide by 16’ deep with a draped

                                                back wall. This stage has a full PA with

                                                mics, inputs for acoustic instruments and

iPod. You must provide your own instruments. There is a full time sound

person. There are chairs and tables along with a food area nearby.


                                      Center Stage is for dance, modeling,

                                               karate, etc. The stage is 30’ wide by 16’

                                               deep with a draped back and sides and two

                                               10’X10’ changing rooms. A PA is included

with a mic, mic stand and input for iPod. Attendees may stand in the

grass park nearby to watch.


                                      Central Park is an indoor grass park for

                                               gymnastics, cheerleading, etc. The grass is

                                               45’X50’ and is placed near Center Stage so

the PA is available for the grass park. There is a perimeter fence where

attendees may stand and watch from outside of the park.


                                       Baby Zone Stage is located in the Baby

                                               Zone and designed for Infant and Toddler

related entertainment and demos. The stage is 18’ wide by 8’ deep and

has a PA with a mic and stand.


Each stage is scheduled for slots ranging from 10 minutes to 60

minutes depending on time available and content. Each performer

that is not through a Kids Expo hosted booth must register and

receive confirmation of approval of stage time. If confirmed to

perform, non-exhibiting registrants pay $20 to confirm the time slot

on the approved stage. Each child performer approved to perform will

receive 8 adult entrance tickets (valued at $64) for the Kids Expo. Once

confirmed and paid, there is no refund if performer cancels.

Performers are not financially compensated for performing unless

otherwise contracted in writing. If you have any special requests, please

note those in the Additional Information box. Performers may submit

artwork, links, etc. for consideration and possible publication on our

website and/or print. Submitting these items constitutes permission to

publish if confirmed to perform. 


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